Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about NAFTPASS, or if you need support, please visit our technical support page.

A modern system that eliminates the use of papers, stamps and signatures and assists the customer to control the fuel expenses through a smart card issued to each car or driver as per customer’s requirement.

NAFT i-PASS is a complete electronic application that replaces the use of cash or bank cards or even smart cards using mobile directly in payment.


1 - Go to the shopping Page

2 - Complete the required data from email, password, mobile number, type of service required and payment

3 - You will receive an email confirming the email you entered and a mobile message to confirm the mobile Number

4. After the confirmation process, you have finished creating your account and you can enjoy the benefits of the system according to the terms and conditions

1 - If your choice of the required service includes NAFT i-PASS, then the next step after confirmation of account opening and payment is to download and configure the application on mobile

2 - Search the APPs store for the NAFT i-PASS application and download and install the application and then re-enter the mobile number and password that you specified during the registration process.

3 - enjoy the services available.